All equipment will need to be delivered via the offsite delivery & logistics services for the 2023 CBRE Supply Partner Event and will need to be arranged by 10 September 2023, using this form.

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ONLY way equipment can be delivered to the venue due to strict vehicle restrictions at Old Billingsgate, unless it can be walked in by foot. There is no parking at the venue, which is also situated on a double red route, hence Exhibitors are not permitted to arrange any deliveries independently as they will not be allowed in and/or to stop to drop off and unload. Requests received after this date cannot be accommodated. 

Please view venue details and transportation links here

View Parking Information Here

Please click here to check all hotel availability nearby here.

Yes, it is possible to change attendee details prior to the event day. Simply log in to amend attendee details via the Registration Portal.

Yes, you can book additional attendees at a cost of £500 per attendee. Simply add them by logging in to the Registration Portal.

Yes. Breakfast, lunch and evening food will be available, along with tea,  coffee and soft drinks throughout the day. All food and beverages are included free of charge as part of your invitation. Find more details here.

Yes, both options will be available throughout the event. If you have any specific dietary requirements/allergies, please let us know in advance so that we can accommodate these. Find more details here.

Yes, there will be free WIFI available.

There are cloakrooms which will be supervised at all times however, we advise against leaving any valuables. There are no secure lockers available.

There are no storage facilities onsite at the venue. We suggest that you do not bring any unnecessary equipment with you and/or that cannot fit under your 6ft trestle table, provided as part of your stand.

You can bring in any equipment that you are show-casing on your stand and/or that you need to build it. If it is dangerous machinery and/or hazardous in any way, you will need to check this with the venue in advance and also complete a risk assessment.

Should you bring anything larger than a pop-up stand and/or plan to build a ‘free-standing’ stand onsite, including bringing in any machinery, equipment and gadgets (e.g. vending machines, display stands, furniture, drones, electrical equipment/gadgets) we will require you to complete a risk assessment and provide your public liability insurance documents, both of which can be completed and uploaded via our Registration Portal

If you are only bringing in a pop up stand and items for your table, you do not need to complete a risk assessment.

No, you must not leave any rubbish at the venue. Should you leave anything behind you will incur a penalty charge and any items left will be removed.

Please refer to the Exhibition Manual here for all height restrictions, which vary according to your stand position within the venue. All height restrictions are clearly marked on the floor plan and must be adhered to. If your stand is higher than the height restriction specified on your stand number, it will not fit, nor will you be able to move stands with another exhibitor. 


- 3m x 2m floor space (there is no shell scheme)

- One standard 6ft trestle table

- Two chairs 

- One power socket (you are allowed to bring in your own extension cables)

PLEASE NOTE: You are able to remove your trestle table and chairs if you do not need them and/or are building a 'free-standing' stand and bringing in other furniture.

Yes, it is possible and can be ordered via the CBRE Furniture Supplier - Wagstaff